Create your own program

We can set a tailor-made program for you mixing any of the following activities.


Health awareness programs

Wellness Test

Wellness test

Individual test which measures more than 15 parameters to establish an initial reference. It will be used to benchmark progress but also to detect weaknesses and body needs. We will then help the participants in selecting most suitable activities (physical, mental, nutritional, etc.) so they can improve their numbers.


Wellness lectures

We organize lectures to raise awareness and talk about how people can make a better use of their personal resources, ranging from how to integrate physical activity in daily routine to how to improve sleep or meals.

Physical training programs


Active breaks @ workplace

Those who hardly find time to exercise and are « chained » to their desks all day long, will appreciate this easy, short, efficient set of exercises for staying active.

Travel workout

Travel workout

Can’t keep up with your exercise program while you travel? You have no access to a gym? No time? This short course will give you a complete travel exercise routine, easy to follow at your hotel room or in any other small space.

Outdoor Stretching

Indoor / outdoor training

A range of endurance, strength, power and effective exercises executed in a fun way, using mainly body weight. The programs are adapted to your specific needs and facilities.  



Workshops & cooking crash courses

We work with nutrition experts who can offer either workshops (a mix between awareness information & practice) or crash courses (where participants will, in a limited time, create a menu based on nutritionist instructions).


Wellness Challenge

Wellness challenge

Teams love challenges especially when they have the opportunity to challenge their peers or manager. Our challenges can be done on site with an instructor or via videos and last 3 weeks. At the end of the challenge we celebrate the winner.

Mindfulness programs



This practice will teach you how to meditate in a busy day and still center your mind. It will help you relax physically and mentally, reduce your stress level and concentrate.



Yoga is ideal to gain in flexibility and strength. These classes include breathing techniques, simple meditation and basic postures to stretch the upper and lower body in order to eradicate tensions, as well as stimulate digestive and nervous system. 


Chair yoga

Learn some easy yoga moves to be performed at your desk. They will help you stretch your body and eradicate tensions when working.


Chair massage

A 15min chair massage, a quick-break at the workplace, is a great technique to boost the energy both physically and mentally, removing the tensions accumulated during the intense work days and improving employee productivity,