Frequently asked questions


I would love to organize something for my team.  Which kind of activity do I need to choose?

The kind of activities is up to you, depending on your needs and availabilities. However, it has been proved that, to have employees feel concerned, it is important to talk about their own health. Therefore, we highly recommend to start with the wellness tests so each participant will receive a complete report with his/ her own results and objectives.

When you organize wellness tests (employee’s health assessments), do you communicate the results to the managers?

No, the results remain strictly confidential. The employees receive a complete report directly from us.

If we don’t have any dedicated space for health activities, can we still organize physical classes?

Yes, we can come to your facilities to check out the possibilities. We do organize activities in meeting rooms or cafeterias as well as outdoor urban trainings. We also have partnerships with specific facilities around Suisse Romande.

Do the employees need to dress in sports gear to participate?

We propose a full range of activities ranging from workout sessions at a desk to indoor/ outdoor sessions. If sweating and getting changed is an issue, we can propose “non-sweat” activities where the participants can dress casual.

If my team doesn’t speak French, can we still organize an event?

Yes, our team is bilingual French and English and some of our coaches are also able to speak Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

How much time do we need? How many times a week, a month, etc.

Our programs are tailor-made for your needs and your availabilities. We can organize one session on a specific theme (workshop, lecture, etc.) as well as a full program split over one week (wellness week) or a month (once or twice a week), etc.

You choose and we adapt!

How can we keep the teams motivated?

We can propose various types of challenges that will keep your teams motivated over a set period. It can be an individual challenge, or team challenges.

We are a small company and have a small budget, are there still some activities for us?

Of course, as our activities are tailor made, we can adapt to your budget and motivate your teams!

What budget does it take to create a program?

There is no minimal projects as each program is calculated on both the number of employees implied, the number of sessions per month, the type of sessions. Companies can decide to cover 100% of the cost for their employee or to offer a participation (for instance the wellness test & 20% of courses cost, remaining being paid by employee). There is no single model. Each company can decide. We also have companies who fix an annual contribution. To optimise both your budget & the program performance we recommend to have at least 10 employees per session and monthly activities. If you wish to have a draft estimate, contact us and we will send you an offer.