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A third of our life will be spent working.

Today’s working environment is increasingly stressful.
Organization get pressured (less and less people to accomplish tasks) while revenues shrink (more and more competition). The cost of this is employee wellness. Burnouts. Depression. Resignations. Sick leaves.


Wellness programs help companies setting tangible actions, thus changing the mindset and caring for employees’ health.


Motion is life and life is motion

Let’s put your teams in motion


Making the first move

When employees see the organization is already trying to fix the problem it is creating a supportive environment which will result in higher engagement, therefore, better return on investment.

Your organization can reduce stress with management programs, prevention workshops, trainings... thus improving working conditions, appraisal systems or recruiting.

Wellness programs contribute to changing the mindset, increasing employee’s ressources & health and releasing stress.

Wellness programs work well in healthy companies.

Defining your entreprise program

Wellness program is not about sport.
It is about setting both employees’ mind and body in motion and providing knowledge and feedback for people to monitor their own health.

We can help you set a program in accordance with your company objectives and ressources.

We have developed tracks and sessions to address awareness, mindfulness, nutrition and of course physical training.

Our Wellness Program Director will help you choose what is best for you.

Gamification, tricks and rewards

Duration matters. It is taking an average of 7 weeks in a row (7 days a week) to set a new habit.

We therefore need to set a long term program if we want to provide you with durable benefits.

For employees to keep motivation at its best, we have gamified our approach. Through challenges, rewarding practices and of course caring coaches, we are able to maintain engagement and stimulate team building.

Wellness challenges, nutrition crash courses or active breaks are just a few examples of what we use.


“Healthier, Fitter, Happier & More productive”

— Patricia Soave, Wellness Program Director

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to reinforce your employees health consciousness and establish, through different activities, a permanent healthy and happy lifestyle resulting in:

  • An increased motivation, concentration and memory

  • An improved endurance leading to a higher job performance

  • A decreased stress level and absenteeism rate


We made a difference

International companies have already trusted us and noticed an increased health awareness among their employees who have participated in our programs.