What they said about us

Wellness Challenge @WTO

Dear Aimée and Patricia,
Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm in helping the participants of the Wellness Challenge move towards their objective.  I was impressed with the group yesterday and the joy that was present as we all worked out together.  I would love to share some of the photos with everyone.
— Vanessa Bocquet, HR Manager, WTO
I thought they were great too and the dieticians too.  For many of us it has been “the push” we needed to get back in track.
 It will be good to have the measurement again after the summer and at the very end of the challenge. 
 Thank you very much for this initiative, it really has changed my life!
— Maria Verastegui, WTO
Merci beaucoup c’est vraiment très bien fait et ça fait du bien au corps et au moral !!
 Un grand merci à toute l’équipe Patricia, Aimée & Co pour le programme et les vidéos !
— Laura Burnier, WTO

Wellness Challenge @salon des RH

Wellness challenge human resources
Merci pour ce challenge !
Introduction au yoga superbe, être guidée avec la respiration est un vrai plus. Exercices simples mais efficaces, et le format court permet une motivation pour aller jusqu’au bout du challenge. La qualité des vidéos, la musique, les explications, l’énergie transmise permettaient de se motiver tous les matins. Une variante de coachs différents est également super. Continuez ! Merci ! Un challenge que j’ai déjà partagé.
Envie de découvrir d’autres challenges.
Merci à toute l’équipe !
— Pauline Jamot, HR Manager, CACEIS, Nyon
J’ai vraiment eu beaucoup de plaisir à faire ce challenge. Super motivée au début, je me levais plus tôt et très vite j’ai déchanté … Pourtant grâce à ce challenge et à la curiosité, j’ai persévéré. Et je n’ai pas regretté !

Bravo donc pour m’avoir permis de me discipliner, de faire quelque chose qui me correspond mais que je n’arrive pas à faire « seule » !
Bravo pour ton énergie, à l’équipe et à cette super « aventure ».
— Alexandra Lasserre, General Manager, The Treasury recruitement Hub, Genève
Belle initiative motivante et organisée de manière très professionnelle au niveau des vidéos et démonstrations. Utilisables en groupe et en entreprise si le cadre s’y prête.
Merci !
— André Loew, Sales and operation director, Sicli Materiel Incendie

Wellness program @Nestlé NIHS

wellness program Nestlé
  • All activities were very well conducted

  • A great healthy week!

  • The outdoor activities were really appreciated

  • Helped employees to better understand the scope and broad range of NHW (it’s not just about reducing sugar, salt and fat in our products)

  • Great initiative to promote NHW

  • Varied program

  • Good team

  • Dynamic coaches who adapted to the level of participants

  • Helped to meet new colleagues

  • Looking forward to next year!


Wellness program @IMD Executive Program

IMD wellness program
It is amazing to see how, more than six years later, your programs have had a life-changing effect on so many PEDs, MBAs, and other executives (including me).  In working with you as a Program Director, I’ve particularly appreciated your participant-centered approach.  Rather than drive an inflexible program based on one set of ideas and tools, you always listen to the participants’ needs, track and become trained in the latest trends and knowledge, gather in a broad network of different kinds of experts, and put together a program that provides what a particular group of participants wants and needs in order to be motivated to become fit and healthy.  You find creative ways to do that within constraints of budgets, which I also appreciate as a Program Director.  I see a clear impact of a wellness stream in the programs I run.  Even for those who do not participate, it becomes evident to them that a healthy lifestyle is important. In the PED program we saw increased stamina and motivation for the duration of the program, and the participants reported on what a difference it made to their leadership after.  Many have supported similar programs in their own workplaces now, with great effect.  In the MBA, a much longer program, the impact of having fitness integrated has been profound.  The MBAs manage their stress much better, and take much healthier approaches to balancing their lives.  The gym becomes a social center too, a great place for ideas and experiences to be shared.  I am so pleased, for these people and for their impact on others, that you’ve created such important programs for developing healthy leaders.  Thank you!
— Martha Maznevski, PED & MBA Program Director, IMD
I included one hour Executive Wellness Sessions with Patricia on Monday through Wednesday of our five-day program with cohorts of 35 Top 200 executives across Syngenta globally. Right from the first Cohort in December 2014 and now through the third Cohort in June 2015, her sessions have focused on wellness exercises for both the body and brain that can be done in the office, at home or traveling. The responses of the executives have been very highly appreciated at two levels. First, that their company provided an opportunity to invest in their wellness as part of this global enterprise leadership program. Second, that the men and women in each group really appreciated the afternoon sessions  as a break from the intense class experiences and also as way to relax and freshen up physically and mentally with Patricia’s lively and motivated style.
— Donald Marchand, Program Director for Syngenta Executive Leadership Program 2014—2016, IMD
Patricia and her team are great!
Excellent - never seen such an eagerness for the next session in a group! 
Those qualitative remarks, combined with a qualitative score for the Fitness Sessions of 4.71/5.00, and the fact that we have between half and two-thirds of the class at every single fitness session indicates that you have been able to deliver on your objective.  To engage executives in their own well being, in a way that they find both comfortable and compelling.  To help them get closer to healthy body and healthy mind.  To help them perform.  Thank you so much for your commitment, personal attention and passion.   It is something I appreciate as much as the participants.
— Stuart Read - PED Program Director, IMD

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